Au Revoir, Rev3Games!

Greetings friends, fans, colleagues, family, well-wishers, casual observers, mortal enemies, and whoever else is reading this. Today, I have a big, serious announcement to make:

After a great deal of thought, I’m saying goodbye to Rev3Games.

First foremost, before anyone starts cobbling together theories about insider trading gone wrong or sordid love triangles, I want to clarify that this is entirely an amicable departure. There’s no bad blood between me and the Rev3Games, or Revision3 A.K.A. Discovery Digital Networks. Over the past three years, I’ve worked very closely with Zac, Tara, Anthony, Nick, [other] Max, and more recently, the legendary Adam Sessler. Getting to hang out with these wonderful human beings on a daily basis was one of the best parts of the job, and easily the most difficult part of my departure.

This was the most professional group photo I could find.

Rev3Games is a humming beehive of talented people producing awesome content. I’m extremely proud to have been a part of it, and I hope their audience continues to grow. Do you understand me, Internet? Even if for some foolish reason you choose not to eat the sweet, sweet Rev3Games honey, at the very least be aware of this beehive, lest its denizens spontaneously become enraged and come swarming out to ruin your barbecue. Rev3Games is going places, so watch out… Or you will be stung by bees. Video bees.

Anyway. During my time with Revision3, I’ve learned a staggering amount and grown immensely as a [whatever the hell my official job title is]. On the more visible side of things, I’ve made great leaps and bounds in terms of not looking and sounding completely idiotic in front of a camera [citation needed]. However, I’ve also upped my game in much less obvious ways. As a writer, churning out countless pages of Destructoid Show news stories, Study Hall scripts, reviews, and even ad copy has made the act of putting words onto a page more of a reflex than a task. As a visual artist, I’ve been run through the ringer, making hundreds of on-screen graphics and video thumbnails. Rewording press releases into my voice and superimposing Adam Sessler’s face onto video game characters might not seem too challenging, but after doing it enough, it builds muscle. “Wax on, wax off” and all that. Beyond the day-to-day practice I’ve had, it’s also staggering to take into account just how much I’ve learned about the video game industry, video production, and the internet overall just by being immersed in it on a daily basis.

None of this would have happened without Revision3, and for that, I’m extremely grateful. So, a big, huge, gross thank you hug to everyone. From the important business-dudes who took a chance on me and brought me in from the cold, turning a part-time gig into a full-blown career, to everyone I worked alongside. Especially to those who worked behind the scenes. I don’t know how you sat through all my bloopers, pick-ups, and throat-clearings without punching me in the face, but thank you for your patience (and for not punching me in the face.) You’re all lovely, and I’ll miss you very much.

So, why the Hell am I leaving?

Well, there are few reasons, folded over on to each other, like a big existential omelette. For starters, The Destructoid Show’s finale last month marked the end of an era for me. When the show began, I was still working part time at a coffee shop, and by its finale, I’d successfully made a name for myself in this industry.

472 episodes and we still couldn’t get that table centered.

After being a part of The Destructoid Show it for almost three years and just shy of five hundred episodes, having it come to end left me feeling an odd combination of pride, relief, and listlessness. It was a bit like the aftermath of a big party, when all the loud drunk people have gone home and life can finally return to normal, except… What the hell is normal after the party’s been going on for three years?

Recently, some stuff happened in my personal life that got me thinking hard about where I was, what I was doing, and what should come next. I came to the realization that a few things were wrong: I wasn’t feeling challenged, creatively. My chakras were inverted. My aura was tinged a vile shade of puce. Worst of all, I had betrayed my true master, Lord Nekron, Sorcerer of Ice.

Lord Nekron has become displeased with my life choices.

Okay, I made up the last three parts, but the first part is true. I haven’t been feeling sufficiently engaged, creatively. Hey, stop rolling your eyes. This isn’t to say that I wasn’t given plenty of opportunities to pursue different projects at Revision3, but I don’t feel like it’s where I’m meant to end up, or that it’s the right place for me.

I frequently get asked for advice on how to get into the video game industry, and I’m never quite sure exactly what to say since the exact series of events that got me here would be pretty hard to replicate, but the one word of guidance I give every aspiring video games internet guy is to GO DO STUFF.

If you love something, go do it. If you want to get paid to do something you love, don’t wait for someone to pay you to do it, do it until someone pays you to not stop doing it.

image”[Motivational American Sports Movie Slogan!]”

I know a lot of people will say, “don’t quit your day job!” However, if I hadn’t quit my last day job, I’d still be making lattés in the financial district instead of having become a respectable [citation needed] figure in the video game industry. Sometimes you have to put all your eggs in one basket and take a leap of faith, with the hopes that a safety net appears. Sometimes that’ll result in severe head trauma and a pile of smashed eggs, but hey, you the old saying: “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and possibly sustaining severe head trauma in the process.”

From the hit film "Head Trauma Vs. The Soviet Union"

What I’m doing probably seems pretty stupid to a lot of people. In a lot of ways, it is. But I’m young. I’d rather do something stupid while I’m young and reckless and hungry and full of energy than waste my late twenties sitting around doing something my heart’s not completely in, hoping something more exciting eventually comes along.

So, what’s next?

As a lot of you know, I’ve been part of an audio podcast called The Comedy Button for the last two years. Every week, I get together with four of my best friends and we spend about an hour talking into microphones about the most vapid, inane, lurid, boorish, and otherwise questionable subject matter. For some reason, a whole lot of people continue to download these idiotic recordings on a regular basis. Our listeners write us emails telling us how The Comedy Button has helped them through breakups, horrible jobs, depression, being stationed overseas, recovering from surgery, and so on. That’s pretty cool, considering we’re just five dudes talking about pizza and butts and stuff.

'Ohana' means family. Family means nobody goes to Sears Portrait Studio.

Now, here’s the thing: The Comedy Button is something the five of us do on top of our day jobs, social lives, and so on. We usually squeeze in time to record on Monday nights, arguably one of the least energetic times of the week, and in spite of that, our audience for that one hour continues to grow. So, what happens if one of us goes all-in, and treats this side project like a full-time job? Well, that’s what I intend to find out.

Beyond that, this is also a chance to work on my own strange, experimental, and possibly idiotic projects. What can I accomplish on my own? Will I become the next big YouTube sensation by reviewing snack foods and hair products? Will I write the Great American eBook? Will I come begging for donations to crowdfund my highly anticipated video game, “Max Scoville’s Fantasy Beach Sex Island?” Time will tell. But I’d like to roll the dice while I’m still feeling young and stupid and inspired and creative and semi-invincible.

imageMax Scoville’s Fantasy Beach Sex Career Path Adventure

The venerable Coolio once said, “Death ain’t nothin’ but a heartbeat away, I’m livin’ life do or die, what can I say?” and with that in mind, I figure it’s time I tried “sumpin’ new for dat ass.” 

If you’d like to come along with me on this fantastic voyage, you’re more than welcome to slide, slide, slippity-slide over to any of the various outlets for my wacky internet antics:

  • You can follow this very Tumblr, where I’ll be posting my art, stupid photoshops, and writing.
  • You can go subscribe to my personal YouTube channel, where I’ll be attempting to make my cat famous and probably start making anime music videos.
  • Most importantly, please go check out The Comedy Button on iTunes and YouTube. (Unless you are my mom, in which case you are NOT allowed to check out The Comedy Button.)
  • As always, you can always keep up to date with my terrible puns, bad ideas, and other hot garbage on Twitter, Facebookand Instagram.

Pegasus, AWAY!

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