Anonymous asked:

For your PAX cosplay interview, did you let them know what was going on before you recorded? The people in the last one seemed genuinely mad.

I told a few of them what was up, if they seemed especially nervous, but most people rolled with it. I’m not really into the whole “piss people off” comedy approach, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m making fun of a costume they worked hard on.

The guys at the end of the video were actually Mega64, who are no strangers to confusing bystanders in front of a camera. They were cool enough to make some costumes on the spot for the sake of my dumb video.

Anonymous asked:

On the comedy you made an intro-tune you made about mojitos and oceans liners, what tune was that you used or did you make it? could u ever release it ? it was really cool!!!

I believe you’re referring to Frederico Gerbille’s seminal hit, “The Sweetest of Love,” available now on Soundcloud.

Anonymous asked:

yo max, i need your help, what do i have to do to become sexual

First, don’t wear any underwear under your clothing at all. Make sure you have too much or too little body hair, depending on the style of sexuality you’re attempting to achieve. After that, you’re gonna need a whole bunch of lube. Go online and do comparison shopping and find the lube that’s right for you. Finally, light about a hundred candles all over your bedroom and put on music about saxophones or panflutes. 

(That’s all I got so far.)

Anonymous asked:

If someone actually donates $100,000 to the Patreon, can the reward be Ryan Scott going on the foulest tirade ever, filled with the swearing and sex references that he apparently normally takes part in off-mic? I mean, I'd pay money just to hear the man say fuck.

For $100,000, I feel like we might be able to convince Ryan to say some swearwords. I dunno about a tirade.

Jenn and I were talking about how nuts it’d be if we got a crazy stupid huge donation that resulted in us properly piloting a Comedy Button show or something.

Anybody got $100k lying around? Patreon’s right here! 

Hey! We just put up a Patreon for The Comedy Button. Wanna thank us for all those laughs, or tears, or get a chance to hear Brian Altano howling "muthafucka, say thaaaaaaank youuuuu" and then mispronouncing your name? Well, pitch in a couple bucks. If we break $5k a month, that means an extra episode for everyone, and my student loans get paid off a little faster.

If you’ve never checked the show out, it’s a curious beast. We named it “The Comedy Button” as a clever ruse to trick people searching for funny podcasts, and we’re only funny part of the time. Sometimes we’re very sad or very serious. Other times we’re angry. Sometimes we’re hungry or sleepy. In general, this is a podcast about five human beings who are friends. You can hear all 143 episodes and counting on iTunes, our website, or on Soundcloud. Episode 144 will be up in about forty minutes.

Thanks everybody!